ArtofTRF created by Tashawna in 2017 (b. 1998) is a Native American contemporary artist who is known for creating somewhat dark works of art with a splash of bright color. Most creations are made during a time of reflection and solitude. Her work not only reflects her own struggles and interests but the struggles of human kind, it is her mission to make people aware of the supernatural and spiritual aspect of living through her art.

She has taken an interest in crystals and their healing properties at the age of 8 and incorporates her jewelry with handpicked crystals that are not only fashionable but healing to the person wearing them. 

Tashawna grew up in Akwesasne, a reservation on the Canadian and American border. She went to school in both the U.S and transferring to the Canadian side in 10th grade. During her time in a Canadian school it gave her more art freedom with classes like pottery, sculpting, print making and more. Her specialty remains in painting portraits both traditionally and digitally. Her up bringing was difficult and art was her escape from the moment she could pick up a pencil and draw.